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1. Those in positions of political leadership These are our leaders. They set an example. They are called on to manifest the ethical values of honesty, respect for one's opponent, fairness, wisdom, and above all, integrity. They must also choose candidates for their parties who are persons of integrity, committed to serving the common good.

2.. Those campaigning for votes for their     parties Here there is a clear call for maturity and honesty. Campaigners need to use rational persuasion. 'Play the ball not the player.' There can be no room for violence or intimidation, especially the kind that misuses religious, racial and tribal fears. 4. Those who vote You might think you're just an individual. But you belong to the collective with a common purpose – which is the main stakeholder. Voters have the final say! And voting in an ethical and mature way – which is an expression of UBUNTU – is a telling statement that South Africa has come of age. Actions speak louder than words Voting ethically is a sign of human dignity, a dignity which for generations had been denied the majority of people in South Africa. Voting is an act of kindness to our neighbour inasmuch as it is an action that promotes the common good , We recall the words of Nelson Mandela.

Preamble Ethics is about values, and, for the social beings that we are, it is about shared values. Our own Constitution crystallizes many ideals, values, hopes and dreams of all the people of this country when it articulates that:

Honour those who suffered for justice and freedom in our land.

  •  Human dignity, equality, and advancement of rights and freedoms (with their corresponding civic duties and responsibilities).
  • Believe that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity. The Constitution is founded on ethical values and underpinning principles which promote the common good:
  • Accountability, responsibility and transparency in the exercise of democracy

We can justly be proud of the historical process that shaped the Constitution.  Rooted in the painful experiences of the past (which confirmed for us the type of people we do not want to be), our Constitution brought together all sectors of our population in an affirmation of a common humanity where everyone, regardless of gender, creed or race, would experience their dignity and worth. 

Thousands of submissions by ordinary South Africans were collated and consolidated in the shaping of our Constitution. It is for us an expression of a desire for the common good that transcends party politics. The same is true for the Charter of Positive Values of the Moral Regeneration Movement. 

  • In this spirit of promoting the common good and upholding our shared values we affirm that: 
  • Voting is a right. 
  • Voting is your independent choice. 
  • Voting is a moral obligation. 
  • Voting is an act of social responsibility.


  •  Voting honours the memory of Nelson Mandela and countless others whose struggle for justice brought democracy to South Africa twenty-five years ago and made it possible for us to vote today
  • By voting you are shaping your future and that of your fellow South Africans

A Message to First-time Voters

  • By voting you are shaping your future and that of your fellow South Africans.

Becoming a nation is an ongoing process in which every new generation must take part. Election 2019 welcomes voters who were born after the election of 1994 – that very first democratic election where Nelson Mandela could say in his old age: “I slipped my folded paper into a simple wooden box; I had cast the first vote of my life.” As you cast the first vote of your life, celebrate your own dignity and your freedom to choose for yourself whom you wish to vote for. Different stakeholders, one ethic If it is an ethical choice to vote, it is also necessary to be ethical in voting. Every election has different stakeholders, each with a particular responsibility and function. Yet the ethical principles and values outlined above apply in specific ways to each. 
1. The IEC and all officials managing the processes of an election This sector needs to embody the values of honesty, fairness, efficiency, transparency, accountability, service, and last but not least, a strict observance of all legal requirements.

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