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We have crossed the historic bridge from inequality and conflict to a society grounded in common citizenship and in pursuit of equality. We reflect on the diverse journeys and cultures that have brought us to liberation and democracy, and commit ourselves to those ideals and ethical values that unite us in our diversity. 
Within this common commitment, born in struggle, dedicated to the healing of past wounds, affirming the dignity of all, and in pursuit of the social and material security of our people, we pledge ourselves to defend and uphold the values contained herein. We do so recognising that our future is dependent on the protection of the environment and the welfare of all who live within our borders, inhabit the African continent and constitute the broader family of nations.
Respect Human Dignity And Equality 
Committed to the spirit of Ubuntu/Batho, which under-lies our democracy and is embedded in our constitution, we dedicate ourselves as a nation to: 
Our constitution affirms that human beings are born free and with equal dignity.
We commit ourselves to:
  • Respect the worth of all individuals, irrespective of social origin, race, gender, age, status and class. 
  • Fight against the physical and emotional harassment of women that results in rape and other forms of abuse.
  • Eradicate the abuse of children brought about by social ills such as malnutrition, child labour, drug trafficking, pornography and prostitution.
  • Care for all who are weak and disadvantaged: the poor, the aged, the disabled, and all those unable to care for themselves.
  • Oppose any form of physical, emotional, and/or psychological abuse or ill-treatment of another human being.
  • Overcome discrimination on the basis of status, custom, culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, health-status, and tradition.
  • Work for the physical security and protection of all people.

Promote Responsible Freedom, The Rule Of Law and Democracy
Individual freedom within the rule of law is the basis of justice, fairness, nation-building and good governance.
We commit ourselves to:
  • Allow freedom of expression, association, movement, residence, belief, opinion and religion.
  • A sense of social responsibility by respecting the rule of law, honesty, hard work and standards of ethical decency.
  • Fight against all forms of crime, corruption and violence. 
  • Strive for national unity and the indivisibility of the Republic.
  • Improve Material Well-Being and Economic Justice

The socio-economic rights that are part of our constitution must be seen as more than inspirational rights. Policy and programmes need to provide the poor with opportunities to achieve human dignity and material well-being.
We commit ourselves to:
  • Overcome the entrenched economic and material inequalities of the past and present, and to promote opportunities for everyone to share the resources of our country.
  • Oppose greed, selfishness and undue self-enrichment at all times.
  • Overcome corruption, whether driven by personal gain, dishonesty, favouritism, nepotism or other motivations.
  • Foster transparency in government and business through timely, accessible and accurate information on all matters affecting public life. 
  • Ensure competent and fair management and employment practices that result in broad-based racial and gender representation.
  • Enhance Sound Family and Community Values Family and community are core socialising units that inspire and create the moral and ethical values in society.

We commit ourselves to: 

• Promote family values, fidelity, responsibility, respect for parents and elders, nurturing of children, support for the elderly, and the development and maintenance of the household.
• Fight against domestic violence and the neglect of family responsibilities, whether due to substance abuse, cultural belief or gender discrimination.
• Cultivate a family and communal environment that promotes a culture of care, generosity and inclusivity.
• Use resources efficiently and equitably to the benefit of all family and community members.
• Benefit others as well as ourselves through personal growth and acquisition of skills.
• Promote and harness collective responsibility among families and communities within the spirit of ubuntu.
• Promote safety nets for families.
• Uphold Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty
Honesty, integrity and loyalty are key social values and should be upheld in good governance.
We commit ourselves to:
• Interact sincerely, openly and honestly. 
• Promote and encourage good relations, mutual trust and social coexistence across the historic divisions that characterise the past. 
• Use the judicial system to punish all forms of theft, extortion, bribery, dishonesty and exploitation.
• Ensure Harmony In Culture, Belief and Conscience

Social Africa’s racial and ethnic diversity has the capacity to inspire and enrich a culture and value system that can sustain the values embodied in this Charter.
We commit ourselves to:

• Promote freedom of conscience, religious tolerance and the acceptance of different ideological persuasions without prejudice or favour.
• Promote independent critical thinking and a culture of participatory debate. • Promote respect for the beliefs and value others.
• Promote the right of every citizen to give expression to his or her views without fear of censure, intimidation or harassment.
• Oppose all forms of prejudice, whether individual, corporate or through membership or association with an organisation that undermines the integrity of others. 
• Promote equal opportunities for all persons including disable people and those suffering form HIV and AIDS and other forms of disease.
• Show Respect and Concern For All People

Respect, care and concern are among the overarching values characteristic of South African people. We recognise that there can be no peace or security without respect and care.
We commit ourselves to:
• Refrain from using derogatory language and abusive labels in our interactions with others
• Promote peace, friendship, tolerance and national unity among cultural, religious and linguistic communities.
• Show respect to all individuals and social groups.
• Strive For Justice, Fairness And Peaceful Co-Existence

Peaceful co-existence requires justice, fairness and mutual respect as a basis for national reconciliation. 
The healing of past prejudice and divisions is required to ensure the promotion of democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights for all.
We commit ourselves to: 

• Counter aggressive and rude behaviour with respect understanding.
• Oppose individuals and groups that seek to disturb the peace, stability and security of the nation through prejudiced and/or undemocratic behaviour.
• Provide social and other services in an impartial, fair, equitable and unbiased way to all people.
• Protect The Environment

The heritage we can all pass to our children and to future generations is a healthy environment.
We commit ourselves to:

• Respect and promote our bio-diversity. 
• Ensure that our production activities cause minimal air pollution. 
• Keep our living habitats clean and environmentally friendly. 
• Use our soil responsibly and prevent soil erosion. 
• Protect our water sources.

Remembering the hostilities and prejudice that characterize our past, we recognize the fragility of social relations in our new democracy. This requires the affirmation of such minimal moral values to which all peaceful South Africans can aspire as a basis for reaching out to one another in the spirit that gave our nation birth knowing that South Africa belongs to all who dwell within it.
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